Case Study: Australia Outback Spectacular, Australia

The technical director of Australian Outback Spectacular explains how the Christie Boxer 2K30 was the perfect projector for the production and the harsh environment of venue.

Located in Gold Coast, Australia the Australian Outback Spectacular is a permanent production that combines stunning animals, breath- taking acrobatics, Australian music and classic Australian “bush tucker”. For the current production, Salute to the Light Horse, High Country Special, Village Roadshow Theme Parks decided that after seven years of operation it was time to upgrade the projectors used for the show.

Customised Technical Solutions, headed by Tyson Niepelt, served as the integrator for the project which began in May 2016 and concluded in September 2016.

Clint Dulieu, technical director of Australian Outback Spectacular, says: “Our main aim was the replacement of the existing end of life projection system [Barco FLM HD20 projectors] for the permanent arena show venue. The system comprises two double stacked pairs of projectors with a centre blend to form one 35m x 9m image. The unique sand arena nature of the venue requires the projectors to be sealed in custom fi ltered environmental enclosures that come with the updated technology.”

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