Case Study: Ratchaburi Provincial Stadium, Thailand

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Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks with integrator Mahajak about an audio deployment at Ratchaburi Provincial Stadium where installation was not as simple and straightforward as it initially seemed.

Ratchaburi Provincial Stadium is located in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. The stadium holds 10,000 people and is primarily used for football matches, formerly being the home stadium for the football team Ratchaburi Mitr Phol.

As technology advances and user expectations increase in terms of quality, stadiums need to evaluate how they can improve their facilities. With this in mind, Ratchaburi Provincial Stadium decided to upgrade its audio system.

Mahajak was the system integrator for the project. Sakon Chaloesong supported the design of the system and handled the specifying of the equipment to be deployed. Surasak Manassong supported the installation and supply of the system products. Dr. Ralf-Udo Hartmann programmed the sound simulation.

The directive from the client was simple. Rungrote Kerdpimon, project sales engineer at Mahajak, comments: “The customer required an audio system that supported public announcement and music during the games. This was the starting point from which the project proceeded. Our job was to provide an audio system that delivered sufficient loudness and clear sound for the stadium.”

As can be expected, the demands placed on an audio system in a stadium application are high. Kerdpimon says: “The end user expected to get audio for a sports facility. This meant that the audio system had to be able to handle both speech and music, which complicated matters. Also, since the speakers would be installed in outdoor locations, weather resistance was a key factor in our selection process for speakers.”

JBL PD566-WRC horn loaded speakers, PD525S-WRC subwoofers, AWC129 speakers and LSR305 monitor speakers have been deployed across the stadium to provide audio coverage. Kerdpimon says regarding the selection of the speakers: “The JBL speakers ticked all the boxes for the requirements from the client while still remaining within the budget. So the JBL speakers were the most suited for this project in our opinion.”

The loudspeakers also presented the biggest challenge from an integration standpoint. Kerdpimon narrates: “Getting the loudspeakers in the right positions was a challenge for us. Of course the locations had been pinpointed by the consultants in their designs. But getting the loudspeakers to the positions on the roof was not easy. Specialised equipment and trained staff were required to accomplish this. In the end the job was completed without any issues.”

Processing for the audio system is handled by a BSS Blu-100 and a BSS Blu-50 DSP. Two Crown DCi/600N, two DCi/1250N and a single DSi/2000 are deployed to provide amplification for the sound system.

Audio input is captured with the help of two Shure SM58 handheld microphones and four Shure antenna amplifiers.

Looking back at the project, Kerdpimon summarises: “At Mahajak, we have the experience and the history to deliver stadium projects. We know the equipment and systems required and we have the expertise to deploy them. Our experience definitely helped us deliver Ratchaburi Provincial Stadium.”

To conclude, he says: “We would obviously like to do more stadium projects but this sector is dependent on government investment. So we will have to wait and see how the sector progresses.”