Case Study: Sichuan Kungfu Fish, Singapore

Sichaun Main Image
Sichuan Kungfu Fish shop front in Singapore

Integrator SecureCom details how it went off the beaten path when delivering an audio system for Sichuan Kungfu Fish’s latest restaurant in Singapore. Find out what made SecureCom deviate from ceiling speakers to satellite speakers.

Sichuan Kungfu Fish is a popular restaurant chain in China. After expanding to North America, by opening restaurants in America and Canada, it has set its sights on Southeast Asia, with Singapore being its first stop.

Xue “Adam” Ronggang from Sichuan Kungfu Fish says: “We want everything at our restaurants to meet a high standard. Our focus is always on the experience of the diners. We want them to be as comfortable as they would be in their own homes and this is achieved with the right visuals and audio. Our main aim is always to have consistency of quality throughout every aspect of the diner’s experience and this was expected of the AV systems as well.”

SecureCom was appointed as the integrator for the project and AR Link Services was the main contractor. Desmond Lim, sales manager for SecureCom, comments: “We were brought in on the project and within two weeks we fi rmed up the design, did the site survey, deployed the systems and had them up and running.”

Lim details the thought process behind SecureCom’s designs: “We wanted to achieve even coverage of audio and defi nitely wanted enough sound on the low-end spectrum. Initially we were looking at a distributed audio system. Conventionally, you use ceiling speakers in spaces like restaurants. But in this case, installing ceiling speakers in a fi nished ceiling was not something we could do. So we decided to go with satellite speakers.”

Lim adds: “We wanted something out of the norm. Ceiling speakers could not achieve the dispersion angles we wanted. Plus, with ceiling speakers, you don’t get a lot of directionality and all you have is a lot of sounds from different point sources which vary based on where you on sitting. Satellite speakers allowed us to deliver the ‘consistency’ that the client was looking for.”

Electro-Voice EVID S44 satellite speakers are used to provide audio. Both black and white coloured speakers are used to match with the aesthetics of the restaurant. Regarding the selection of the speakers Lim says: “We surveyed the market for satellite speaker options and found that the Electro-Voice speakers outperformed the others in terms of audio quality”.

The speakers are powered by an Electro-Voice Q66 amplifi er. A CD players serves as the audio source while a Logitech Bluetooth receiver is also provided for wireless audio devices to serve as the input. No DSP was required as the size of the audio deployment did not demand one. Electro-Voice woofers are used to provide additional low-end audio.

To conclude, Lim says: “The client is happy with the audio system. They are even thinking of expanding and adding a performance stage.”