AV Control: Accessible information

As the AV control world moves towards software-based, web-accessible platforms that deliver information and metrics, how can these nascent services be improved and more importantly monetised?

he worlds of AV and IT have been on a collision course for years. But in the segment of AV control it can be said that the merging is complete. A quick look at the suppliers of AV control systems shows that the modern talking points revolve around slick user-interfaces, access via smart apps and web-accessibility. The latter speci?cally showcases how the AV control business has evolved since IT considerations became pivotal.

Enhancing accessibility

Joel Mulpeter, Fusion architect and product manager for APAC at Crestron, says: “Web- accessible platforms are essential in today’s AV deployments. Web-accessibility drives the ability to remotely support, monitor and report on the equipment in the ?eld.”

Adrian Jaros from Harman adds: “In an AV/IT world where web-accessible platforms are preferred it is important to be compliant and it’s equally important to support shared standards for information interchange. Both platforms are demanded by end-users."

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