Interview: Norman Lao, Leyard


Hurrairah bin Sohail speaks with Norman Lao who details how the customer is at the centre of Leyard’s every move.

The LED market has come a long way in recent years. From decreasing pixel pitches to increasing quality, cost effectiveness and performance, LED displays have become suited to a wide range of applications and verticals.

Norman Lao, vice president at Leyard, believes that LED technology is in a healthy state and is continuing to progress in the right direction: “Surface mount technology has been available and used for a number of years. Up until now, it has proved to be the most reliable, cost effective and mature technology and it will always be a feature of LED products in my opinion. Future developments that we can see on the market right now include mini-LED and micro-LED. Mini-LED in particular is showing a lot of promise as we work towards overcoming the technology and manufacturing hurdles that will make it commercially viable.”

According to Lao, Leyard’s every step is guided by the aim to meet the requirements of its customers. He explains Leyard’s focus on producing ever finer LED pixel pitch products: “As the market leader in the growing fine pitch LED video display industry, we continue to set the standard with new, ground breaking advancements and industry-leading design.

We work hard to tailor our trailblazing displays to meet every customer need. Leyard has introduced both 0.9mm and 0.7mm pixel pitches, providing high resolution images at the closest viewing distances.”

He continues: “Resolutions have kept increasing. In the past we were talking about 2K, today we have 4K and there is talk about 8K for the Olympics next year in Tokyo, Japan.

If 8K resolution is required in smaller rooms then you need smaller pixel pitches to provide 8K displays that will be feasible for the space. Technology always has limitations, but we will try to innovate and meet the requirements of our customers and deliver better, more reliable fine pixel pitch products that can handle the demands of the market.”

Another salient feature of Leyard’s growth has been astute acquisitions. Lao says: “The acquisitions of Planar and eyevis demonstrate our ongoing commitment to further geographic expansion and investment. The acquisitions have brought together the collective strengths and resources in customer service and distribution to build the world’s leading visual solution products for our existing customers and new markets.”

Lao adds that Leyard will be looking to acquire new technology but with a caveat: “Leyard has four core business interests. Video display solutions have been and remain our core business since Leyard was established in 1995. But since then we have diversified and invested in architectural LED lighting, design, supply and build projects in China and multimedia technology and solutions.

We’ll be looking to bolster these businesses with acquisitions when the right opportunity presents itself.”

To conclude, Lao comments: “Our product portfolio has never been more extensive than it is today. We focus on valuable features and our efforts at differentiation will continue without sacrificing our visual performance, usability, reliability and service characteristics. Beyond product differentiation, a great deal of our thinking and investment goes into better supporting our customers before, during and after installation. We strive to really understand the particular needs of our different customers in order to help deliver the results they want from their display technology investments."