Glove grabbing a bottle

Grab virtual objects with light, thin haptic gloves

A haptic feedback glove developed by scientists from Swiss universities EPFL and ETH Zurich promises to add realistic physical sensations to VR experiences.


Gyeongsan Central Church hall

Alcons provides sound at Gyeongsan Central Church, South...

Gyeongsan Central Church, a Presbyterian church located in Gyeongsan, South Korea, has a growing congregation and found that its existing audio system was showing its age. The church chose to install an Alcons LR14 pro-ribbon system to upgrade its audio.


SI projection screen in boardroom

Screen Innovations ST screen available on Solo Pro

Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that its ambient-light-rejecting Short Throw (ST) screen material is now available on Solo Pro for commercial installations.



Why line arrays are not a fit for cinema

Compared to other areas of professional sound, cinema sound presents a fairly controlled set of circumstances. With this in mind, QSC examines whether line arrays are the best loudspeaker type for cinema applications of if other contenders are more suited to the job.


Cabling for modern AV

Attention to even the slightest detail is a hallmark of professionalism. In this white paper, Crestron examines how choosing the right cabling for signal transport can help AV professionals avoid headaches and troubles further down the line.


Network scalability for enterprise

In this white paper, AMX discusses the benefits of centralised remote management of networked AV equipment and building systems. Software features in current platforms can give management the ability to monitor key metrics and scale their network accordingly.


Using a ‘DMZ’ for secure collaboration

In a connected world where information is transmitted over IP networks, security becomes a key concern. Lars Duziack from Kramer talks about how a secure ‘DMZ’ can be setup with the network while using VIA for collaboration to provide additional layers of security and removal for your...

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