Electronics & Engineering introduces JBL A8 speakers to Singapore

Electronics & Engineering introduced the JBL A8 line array speakers to Singapore at an exclusive launch event held at the Capitol Theatre. The A8 speakers are the latest addition to the VTX series of products.

The A8 speaker is approximately one-third the size of the A12 speakers. It features the same underlying technology as the A12 but offers the option of a smaller footprint and format.

George Georgallis, product manager for tour sound amps, speakers and DSP at Harman International, was present at the event to detail the features which set the A8 apart from the rest of the competition.

Georgallis stressed the fact that JBL has historically been a transducer manufacturer that transitioned into a systems company. According to him, this ethos can be seen in the A8 which was designed from the bottom up with transducer quality at its core.

The design features of the A8 include a flower-shaped exit to provide better diaphragm sampling. In addition, care has been taken when selecting the materials for the construction of the product.

Georgallis stated that metallic materials used in design have a tendency to colour the frequency. For this reason, the decision to move to composite domes was made with the A8. This is meant to ensure cleaner time domain characteristics and far less delay time. According to Georgallis, this design choice allows the A8 to provide crisp high frequencies without being harsh.

The presentation proceeded to explain rigging options for the A8 and highlighted the fact that the width of the A8 matches with the B18 sub-woofer allowing for easy mounting.

The event concluced with a listening session of the A8 speakers in different configurations as well as a networking session for attendees.

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