LG showcases range of display solutions in Singapore

At an event held at its Singapore office, LG showcased a range of display solutions for a diverse applications and market segments. The highlight of the products showcased was the double sided OLED display which LG also showcased at ISE 2016.

Speaking about OLEDs Younchul Park, managing director at LG, said: “We are seeing an increase in the adoption of OLED. Developed markets in Asia Pacific in particular are looking to implement the technology. We see possibilities in sectors such as hospitality and retail.”

LG has been leading the charge for OLED screens in the professional AV industry. LG OLEDs can be found at Incheon airport in South Korea which serves as a marquee installation demonstrating the capabilities of the technology.

Other products included a new videowall product with 1.8mm pixel pitch. It can be calibrated with the help of DSLR cameras, a move which is expected to make the lives of integrators easier. LAN daisy chaining capabilities are also expected to accomplish the same aim.

A stretch display measuring 2,158mm x 349mm was also revealed for the purpose of signage. With a built-in SoC and four input sources, the display can be used in a split four segment mode as well as horizontal or vertical configurations. Park stated that the product might be particularly suited for use in the transport sector.

For the lower end of the market, LG showcased a 10-in Android based display that comes with PoE and offers 1,280 x 800 resolution. It also features Super Sign TV a software platform from LG that allows for wireless connectivity with the help of a dongle.

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