Michelin-starred restaurant to launch augmented reality cocktail menu

In May 2017, the Michelin-starred London restaurant and bar, City Social, is set to launch Mirage, the world’s first augmented reality cocktail menu. 18 months in the making, Mirage uses a purpose-built app, created by Mustard Designs. Upon selecting one of the 12 new drinks, guests will be presented with a cocktail that initially appears like any other. However, once the app is pointed in the direction of the drink, the augmented reality technology comes into play, transforming the guest’s perception of the cocktail.

The inspiration behind the list of cocktails is art through the ages, with each serve influenced by a different artist or era. From Van Gogh to Banksy, Mirage immerses the guest in a vibrant world where great tasting cocktails become interactive art.

Using spirits from some of the world’s leading drinks companies, including Pernod Ricard, Diageo, William Chase and G’Vine, the list comprises a varied selection of techniques and flavour profiles.

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