Seongnam Arts Center connecting people to culture with AMX

Harman Professional Solutions partnered with MIX Media and TechDataPS to upgrade Seongnam Arts Center’s AV system with AMX networked video solutions consisting of encoders, decoders and controllers.

According to Seongnam Arts Center staff, the venue requested an easy-to-use AV solution that would enable them to transmit and display high-quality video and promotional content throughout the multi-room facility. Although they had seen such concepts deployed in other theatres, they didn’t understand how to implement their own. When TechDataPS recommended an AMX networked AV solution, the facility staff was attracted by the platform’s ease and convenience.

To provide a scalable AV control platform with intuitive operation, network security and backward compatibility, MIX Media selected the AMX NX-3200 NetLinx NX Integrated Controller as the core of Seongnam Arts Center’s AV infrastructure. Compatible with a wide variety of analogue and digital formats, the NX-3200 provides a platform for future expansion with the addition of more devices and control capabilities. For transmitting and receiving AV signals with imperceptible latency, MIX Media installed AMX N1000 Series encoder and decoder units throughout the facility.

To make operating the system easy and intuitive for staff, MIX Media provided Seongnam Arts Center with AMX MCP108 Keypad Controllers and a MT1002 Modero Touch Panel. Combined with the ability to control the NetLinx controller via tablet, the keypads and touch panels allow Seongnam Arts Center staff to conveniently control the AV system in real time from anywhere in the facility.

Seongnam Arts Center staff reported being completely satisfied with the new AMX AV network’s user-friendliness and reliability, saying it gave them integrated control of the equipment inside the concert hall as well as promotional videos broadcast to a display in the lobby.

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