BlackTrax used to unveil Audi model to China

Blacktrax Audi China Image
Projection accenting Audi A8L model at event in China

Audi employed the BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system at an event which introduced the car manufacturer’s A8L luxury saloon to the Chinese market.

Each of the cars featured in the show was fitted with ‘BTBeacons’ which transmitted the exact position of the vehicles as they moved around the stage to ‘BTCams’, which then relayed the information to the lighting console so that any lighting look could be designed while automatically following the cars on the stage, regardless of speed or direction.

In addition 30 Panasonic PT-SRZ31KC projectors, 72 Acme lighting features ,two gx 2 and four 4x4pro media servers from disguise and motion graphics from Notch we also employed.

Andrew Gordon, director of business development, said: “The cars were the stars of the show – so it was vital that they were accurately highlighted by the supporting audiovisual technology. BlackTrax is unique in its ability to automate the tracking of moving objects by projectors, spotlights and so on – which is why it’s being used increasingly in major product launches worldwide.”

Jack Sun, CEO at Redline which managed the event, said: “For this show, BlackTrax was invaluable because we did not have the opportunity to have a rehearsal with the cars. But with BlackTrax, we really didn’t need one – we just set it up, and got precisely the effect we were looking for.”