Chiayi Nanmen Presbyterian Church opens chapel with Mipro wireless systems

Eagel eye view of the chapel and congregation at Chiayi Nanmen Presbyterian Church

The Chiayi Nanmen Presbyterian Church recently expanded its facilities to accommodate its increasing congregation. It has selected Mipro wireless systems for its latest chapel where services are conducted in both Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese languages.

The new site is a three-story building. The main hall is on the second floor and the deputy hall and the fellowship hall is on the first floor.

Daniel Ku, the AV engineer who is in charge of planning and operating audio visual systems for the new hall, said: “The building was not pre-wired for wired microphones. Therefore, all the microphones must be wireless.”

Ku selected many Mipro’s wireless microphone and wireless portable public address systems with wireless interlinking speakers to be installed in different halls, including 16 channels in the main hall, 14 channels in the deputy hall and two channels in the fellowship hall.

The main hall features a 16-channel wireless system which includes one ACT-848 quad-channel digital receiver, three ACT-74 quad-channel true diversity receivers, one AD-708 auto gain control antenna divider, and two AT-70W omnidirectional antenna. The ACT-848 is paired with 4 TA-80 plug-on transmitters, one for piano, one for bass and two for choir.

Three units of ACT-74 are paired with 6 ACT-70HC rechargeable wireless microphone for talking or singing and six ACT-70TC rechargeable bodypack transmitters, two of which are installed inside the BC-100 desktop conference microphone base with MM-205 gooseneck microphone, which forms a pair of podium microphone. Another one is used with the MU-53L lavalier microphone for the pastor, and the other three are used for electronic drums, an electric guitar, and an acoustic guitar.

In the deputy hall a 14-channel wireless system includes one ACT-848 quad-channel digital receiver, one ACT-72 dual-channel true diversity receiver, two ACT-2414 quad-channel 2.4 GHz digital receivers, AD-708 auto gain control antenna splitter and two AT-70W omnidirectional antennas.

The ACT-848 is paired with three TA-80 plug-on transmitters, one for the piano, two for the shotguns, and the fourth channel paired with the ACT-80TC for picking up the instruments. The ACT-72 is paired with two sets of BC-100 and MM-205 to form a pair of podium microphone; two ACT-2414 with five ACT-24HC rechargeable handheld wireless microphones and three ACT-24TC rechargeable bodypack transmitters are used for speaking, singing and the instruments.

In the fellowship hall a MA-909 wireless mixer is equipped with two units of receiving modules and one unit of MT-92 transmitting module, and two units of MA-303 wireless portable PA systems. Two units of MRM-70B receiving modules can receive the signal of the ACT-32H handheld microphone and transmit the mixed audio signal through the MT-92 to two MA-303SB for receiving and public addressing.

The main hall signal is transmitted to the deputy hall and the fellowship hall via wireless interlinking. Ku said: “Each space has its audio system operated independently. However, the audio and video signals of the main hall must be connected to the deputy hall and the fellowship hall for the parishioners can watch simultaneously the live feed from the main hall. We still use the wireless method to solve it.”

All the signals of the main hall are input to the mixer, and then transmit through the MT-92A interlinking transmitter to the ACT-311B in the deputy hall and the fellowship hall respectively. The signals are then connected to the mixer, thus completing the daisy chain of the audio system.

The MA-909 wireless mixer integrates the mixer, receiver module, transmitter module, and audio player together, can transmit all audio signals to the wireless portable PA of Mipro wirelessly through the transmitting module, thus saves a lot of cable works.

Ku said: “The MA-909 is equal to a multifunctional mixer. It can transmit signals to the MA-303 independently, or use the ACT-311B to receive the MT-92A signal from the main hall in the 2nd floor and output to the mic-in of the MA-909, and then the mixed signal is transmitted to the MA-303 via the MT-90. The MA-909 can be used independently or used in conjunction with the 2F main hall. Only Mimpro has this kind of product and application.”

He continued: “Since the wireless system is used extensively and no worries about the wiring, the installation is simplified, and the working hours are greatly reduced. The installation of the entire audio systems only took me two days.”