Chinese power grid company deploys dnp for control room

dnp control_room_high
dnp screens with images of flowers projected on them at the Lishui Power Grid Compan control room

The Lishui Power Grid Company has selected a dnp Supernova Infinity Screen for its control room. The installation was handled by Wincomn Technology, dnp’s partner in China.

While the control room measures 140 square metres, rear projection was not an option due to space constraints. In addition, the highest quality display was required since the information being presented is critical for operations.

Wincomn built a 7,200mm x 1,800mm solution with the dnp Supernova Infinity Screen at its heart along with Christie D13WU-HS projectors to meet the aforementioned requirements.

A Wincomn spokesperson commented: “Using dnp Supernova Infinity Screen means we can install a system with minimal energy requirements, another important factor for a forward-looking power company.”