Christie lights up Statue of Unity, world’s tallest statue

Statue of Unity lit up with Christie projection mapping

Christie visual solutions have been deployed for a projection mapping showcase of the recently inaugurated Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue. The statue is dedicated to visionary Indian statesman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The project was delivered by Christie’s Indian partner, Pyramid Technologies and German lase show producer HB-Laser using a total of 51 Christie Crimson WU25 3DLP laser projectors.

The team was responsible for the complete design, installation and integration of the Crimson projectors for a professional and engaging show. This is the largest ever deployment of high-brightness projectors for a permanent installation in India.

Christie Crimson was selected due its IP5X-sealed, solid-state laser light source and its ability to provide years of reliable and virtually maintenance-free operation. Ajay Parwaney, managing director for Pyramid Technologies, said: “These specifications are important to the client as the required projection systems need to withstand inclement weather conditions. On top of that, the availability of the longest throw lens that can project bright and vivid images on this 182m high statue was another major reason why the Christie Crimson clinched the job for this project.”

The installation and alignment of the projectors had to be completed in less than a week following the final touches made to the statue. All 51 Crimson WU25 projectors used for the 30 minute light and sound show are housed in a specialised enclosure customised to suit the enormity of the application, and fitted in a projection room located about 600m away from the monument. Specialised mirror mechanisms enable the Crimson projectors to display colourful visuals on the statue from such a far throw distance.

Harold Bohlinger, managing director of HB-Laser, commented: “HB-Laser is honoured and delighted to celebrate the life and achievements of Sardar Patel through the design and commissioning of an exciting laser light show on the Statue of Unity using the Christie Crimson projectors. By combining and synchronizing the various multimedia elements together, we are able to tell the inspiring life story of the visionary Indian leader in an engaging manner, whilst delivering a massive multisensory impact to spectators.”