Christie powers visuals at twin-dome theatre in Shanghai, China

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Dome Theater_3
Abstract projection of celestial bodies on the twin-dome theatre of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Sky Theater in Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Sky Theater features a unique ‘twin-dome’ design comprising a 160-degree dome measuring 24m in diameter, and a smaller 3m wide spherical dome that hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the sprawling auditorium. Visuals and a sense of immersion in the twin-dome are provided by Christie GS series projectors with the design being delivered by Wincomn Technology.

The visuals on the larger dome are powered by 21 Christie DWU850-GS laser projectors delivering 6K resolution, while the smaller spherical dome is lit using four Christie DWU599-GS laser projectors.

Tony Chen, general manager of Wincomn Technology, said: “This is the first time that we have completed a ‘twin-dome’ projection system at a dome theatre in China, and we are very pleased to master this presentation style after many rounds of trials and tests. This installation requires projectors with a small footprint to remain ‘invisible’ during the shows, but yet provide the highest quality images, life-like colour reproduction and reliability. The Christie GS series fits the bill perfectly.”

Chen noted that the main challenge faced by the Wincomn team during the installation process was to ensure that the projection light path of the projectors would not affect the twin-dome screens. He said: “The contents displayed on the two domes not only needed to be synchronised but the projection of both dome screens must not exhibit any occlusion too. Thankfully, with the delicate light path design and precise blending and warping capabilities of the Christie GS series projectors, we are able to solve the occlusion problem and deliver a spectacular show.”