Crestron Alexa skill launches in Australia

Crestron Amazon Alexa 1_v1_current
Alexa and Crestron in residential setting

Crestron has announced that the Crestron Alexa skill is available in Australia. With the Crestron Alexa skill available locally, Australian homeowners can interact with the Crestron technology in their residences through voice command, with the system able to identify specific nuance customisations.

Amazon Alexa, in-sync with Crestron, connects with Alexa Voice Service allows users to control multiple devices concurrently through convenient pre-set scenes with a simple voice command. For example, as the day begins, simply say: “Alexa, tell Crestron to activate Morning Theme,” for the blinds to slowly open and lights to switch on, with a warm shower running and waiting for you to start your day.

Crestron-partnered system integrators and resellers in Australia can leverage the Crestron Alexa skill to enable voice controlled scenes and settings in Crestron environments, that are fully customised to their clients’ lifestyles.

Stuart Craig, CEO Asia Pacific for Crestron, said: “We are delighted to confirm that our Australian customers can now integrate their Crestron solution with Amazon Alexa. We are experiencing significant and growing interest among Australian homeowners who seek best-in-class home technology. With Crestron automation at the heart of a smart home, clients experience the true meaning of luxury, as our technology seamlessly and effortlessly creates an environment that responds to their needs, getting to know them and ultimately making life simpler. With one utterance, many devices can adjust simultaneously to reflect the commanded scene. Our integration with Amazon Alexa in Australia takes our offering to a new level, providing another layer of in-home luxury.”