Delta display deployed at Yotta NM1 Data Center

Delta installed a high resolution and ultra-bright indoor LED display at Yotta NM1 Data Center located at Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Yotta NM1 is one of Asia’s largest Uptime Institute Certified Tier IV data centre.

The combination of technology and architecture along with the LED display has transformed the reception area into an artistic central point of the building.

From a technology perspective, the LED wall is 19m by 4m and has 4.9 million pixels.

Vijay Maheshwari, head of data centre operations, Yotta Infrastructure, said: “Delta has been a great partner and we are excited to have such a magnificent LED Displays at our reception area. It gives a unique experience to the visitors, as the LED Display delivers unparalleled image quality and brightness combined with seamless scalability and incredible resolution. These types of large Indoor screens are not just an excellent way of communicating information but also make for greater viewing experience for the people.”

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