Dredging International Asia Pacific selects Clear-Com for crane barge

delta prince clear com use
Delta Prince, Dredging International Asia Pacific's crane barge in Singapore

Dredging International Asia Pacific (DIAP) has selected a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II wireless communication solution to keep its crane operators and riggers connected across the vast Singapore-based crane barge, Delta Prince. The FreeSpeak II solution was supplied and installed by Clear-Com’s authorized dealer, Electronics & Engineering.

DIAP was looking for a full-duplex wireless intercom solution that would work reliably across a wide roaming area, given the considerable size of the canal barge which measures over 70m in length and over 25m in breadth. The chosen solution also had to tolerate the harsh outdoor environment.

Raj Baiju, technical superintendent, Dredging International Asia Pacific, said: “Our colleagues in Europe had used Clear-Com before and they recommended that we approach Clear-Com for assistance. Clear-Com set up a demo of FreeSpeak II for us which was most impressive. The wireless beltpack was more than 200m away from the transceiver’s antenna during the demo and we did not have any interference issues; the range of the FreeSpeak II greatly exceeded our expectations.”

Baiju also commented on the rugged build of the FreeSpeak II system: “FreeSpeak II was the perfect product for this installation - since the antennas and beltpacks are IP rated, we don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in the rain or when working outdoors.”

Willem De Jong, the barge master, commented: “I find it safer to work with Clear-Com FreeSpeak System and there is no interference in the conversation between the crane and the bridge. I have been using it for almost half a year now”.