Edge Content & Technology acquires Christie projectors for Australian market

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Edge Content & Technology, one of Australia’s leading cinema technology integrators, has acquired 52 units of Christie CP4325-RGB cinema projectors for deployment into Event Cinemas’ Gold Class theatres. The investment by Edge Content & Technology is the largest commitment to Christie cinema projectors in Australia to date.

Anthos Simon, general manager for Edge Content & Technology, said: “We have been working with Christie cinema technology for more than 10 years, and were amongst the first cinema integrators in the world to be fully qualified on the Christie CP4325-RGB, which marks a breakthrough in next generation RGB pure laser projection technology. We are pleased to work with technology that not only elevates the cinema experience, but also offers practical and commercial benefits by replacing lamp-based systems with RGB pure laser illumination that provides unmatched long-term stability and reliability.”

Dale Miller, executive vice president for cinema at Christie, said: “Christie is strongly committed to developing technologies that add real value for our customers, not just technology for technology’s sake. With Christie RealLaser, the industry finally has the world’s first laser illumination technology, created by Christie, which qualifies as a true replacement for lamp-based illumination. We would like to thank Edge for choosing our RGB pure laser and the superior cinema experience that it offers over other laser hybrid technologies.”