Epson regional laser projection showcase points the way forward

Epson Event Thailand
Epson leadership at ASEAN regional laser projection showcase

Epson’s ASEAN regional laser projection showcase was held in Bangkok Thailand. The event aimed to showcase the direction Epson will be taking with regards to the future of projection and it was attended by integration partners from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

Speaking about the prospects of the market, Ng Ngee Khaing from Epson commented: “The ASEAN market declined slightly after the growth of FY 17 due to market maturity, however the education sector remains the biggest market for Epson with another identified upcoming area of growth opportunities which is in large venue installation for both indoor and outdoor video mapping. The new range of projectors will allow Epson to provide their partners a wider range of products that will meet all type of project requirements.”

The new range of projectors mentioned included Epson’s first native 4K 3LCD laser projector in the shape of the EB-L12000Q which was unveiled at the event. The EB-L12000Q is joined by the EB-L20000U, Epson’s first model in the 20,000 lumen WUXGA installation projection sector.

According to Amy Kwa from Epson, the new projector models will be built around the core advantages of reliability, flexibility and scalability.

Both the EB-L12000Q and EB-L20000U feature a light and compact design which aims to make them easy to integrate into existing infrastructure. The projectors also come with a triple layer dust-proof structure housing a sealed optical engine for durability.

Both models are also compatible with the same 4K-compatible lenses used by Epson’s EB-L1000 series projectors for interchangeable usage. Both projector models are compatible with the new zero lens offset ultra-short throw lens ELPLX02 with wider lens shift, useful for environments with extremely limited lens-to-screen distances. The new projectors also feature support for Hybrid Log Gamma and HDR10.

In an exclusive chat with InAVate APAC, Melvin Halpito, country manager for Indonesia at Vega, commented: “The new Epson 4K projector shows that the projector technology has been very advance. The video quality is quite amazing and the fact that one small piece of LCD panel can create amazing true 4K resolution and colour is a showcase that the technology has become very advanced. The size of the projector is quite compact with a choice of connection card that can be chosen according to the needs of the input connection. The liquid cooled system will definitely help to extend the lifetime of the projector by preventing dust from staying inside the projector. It is definitely a very versatile 12,000 lumens laser projector. I believe we will see lots of indoor and outdoor installation of this projector soon. Auditorium, ballroom, and also for building video mapping purpose.”

Thitikorn Sopchokchai from Vichai Trading 1983 said: “I would like to thank Epson for valuing Vichai Group as a partner and for their well planned, exciting event. It is delightful to see projection technology being applied to many new exciting applications which will pave way for more business for Epson and their partners alike.”

The EB-L12000Q and EB-L20000U projectors will be in Singapore from the second half of 2019.