Legrand delivers Da-Lite education sessions in Southeast Asia

da-lite event
Da-Lite education session at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore

Legrand is holding education sessions for the Da-Lite range of screens and products for the APAC region. It held one of the education sessions in Singapore on August 3, 2018 in conjunction with Acoustic & Lighting System, the Singaporean distributor for Da-Lite products, and Epson. The education sessions will be held in Thailand and Malaysia as well.

Wendy Cox, director of product management for Da-Lite, lead the education session focussing on two main topics, selecting the right screen for a room and how Da-Lite products can address common projection problems.

Regarding the selection of the screen size, Cox identified aspect ratio as the first checkpoint. All modern screens are in 16:9 aspect ratio with 16:10 becoming popular for the presentation of data. In saying that, she also mentioned that 4:3 was still a consideration owing to the prevalence of legacy equipment.

With regards to the importance of screen type, Cox pointed out the problem of speckling which is becoming more prevalent as the adoption of laser projection increases. At present there is no industry standard defining the issue of speckling so Da-Lite is taking it upon itself to educate the market with regards to the issue.

According to Cox more than 1.1 gain on the screens or screens made from fibreglass as more prone to speckling.

Closing the event out, Cox introduced the re-imagined Fast Fold NXT screen for rental and events. Da-Lite employed design thinking to re-imagine this product and update it for modern use.