LG pro displays to integrate with Cisco video conferencing systems


Six models of LG UHD displays and 20 models of LG Full HD displays are now fully compatible with the Cisco Room Kit, Room Kit Plus and Cisco SX series, which includes SX10, SX20 and SX80.

The LG models that are compatible with the Cisco Room Kit are the Ultra HD 49in-98in of the UH5 range and the Full HD 32in-65in displays (from 32SM5 to 65SM5).

As soon as the LG display detects that the Cisco device is connected to the HDMI port, it will configure and calibrate itself to avoid configuration problems. The LG professional displays automatically adapt with Cisco Room Kits on their first use. They support all features via the Cisco Touch 10 controller, whether sharing from a wired or wireless source, streaming video or live content, or having simple one-on-one conversations. In addition to the automated setup, LG and Cisco have developed the ability to monitor and report the status of each device, including the display, via Codec and single HDMI cable.  

“As work habits evolved, businesses developed a critical need to communicate and share effectively,” said Richard Topping, European account manager at LG.