Nexo chosen as permanent audio system for Sapporo Dome, Japan

Sapporo Dome Nexo
Top view of Sapporo Dome stadium in Japan

Sapporo Done, with a maximum capacity of 53,738 people, is home to two professional sports teams, one for soccer and one for baseball, and has served as the stage for various international assemblies and events. Major refurbishment has been completed on the main PA system, deploying numerous Nexo loudspeaker and amplification products. The installation was handled by Yamaha Professional Audio.

The upgrade was implemented along three main concepts, namely equal sound pressure level distribution, enhanced clarity of sound and powerful sound output that is not overwhelmed by the sound of cheering fans in the audience.

After a long selection process, Nexo’s line array system comprising STM M28 modular line array modules and GEO S12-ST specialist long-throw line array cabinets were installed in an unusual central ‘bank’ in the centre of the Dome. Nexo RS18 high-performance 18” subbass cabinets are also used.

Manabu Takeda from Yamaha commented: “The addition of subwoofers has brought us a solid low end never heard before in a stadium, which gives even more impact to our sound performance.”