Nexo reinforces Marvel superhero experience in Thailand

nexo marvel ride thailand
The Marvel Experience in Bangkok, Thailand

The Marvel Experience in the Megabangna mall in Bangkok, Thailand has chosen Nexo line array and point-source loudspeakers to deliver high-energy audio accompaniment to the immersive multimedia technology games, and virtual reality simulations.

Fuzion Far East is one of the principal suppliers to The Marvel Experience and the attraction’s owners owners, Hero Ventures.

Fuzion Far East designed and deployed a large networked audio and paging system, running on Dante, to cover the nine zones inside the 10,000 square mete, multi-dome complex, using a variety of Nexo loudspeakers and sub-bass cabinets. These deliver high-SPL audio and FX thrills required by Captain America, the Hulk, Black Panther and Iron Man Tony Stark. All programming, installation and tuning was overseen by the Fuzion design team.

Nexo PS Series of point-source cabinets, PS8s, PS10s and PS15s, have been paired with different sub-bass models from the LS Series, and, for some of the larger attractions, configured in impressive 7.1 systems.

According to Fuzion, the most complex part of the installation was the 7.1 surround sound rooms, needing multi-track audio. In Tony Stark’s Lab, the video and robotics are boosted by a surround sound system using NEXO PS10 full-range cabinets, LS600 subs and ID24 compact point-source. In the Simularium, a substantial 7.1 system comprising NEXO PS15 full-range speakers is matched to eye-popping visuals projected onto the domed ceiling by a dozen 4K projectors.