Samsung rollable OLED device with finger print sensor could be coming soon

Samsung office building

A Samsung patent for a rollable OLED display with fingerprint scanner has sparked rumours that the Korean manufacturer may be set to debut a roll up tablet at CES.

Drawings from the patent application show an edge-to-edge display surface that can be pulled out of a rectangular metal housing that it would roll back into. Magnets are used to attach the display to the metal housing.

The patent seems to build on an AMOLED panel that Samsung showed at the SID Display Week in 2016. The 5.7-in display weighed 5 grams and was 0.3mm thick.

Competitor LG has also shown rollable displays in the past including an 18-in product shown at CES in 2016 and, last year, a 77-in flexible OLED product.

Online magazine LetsGoDigital has posted the full patent application online.