Sennheiser establishes regional headquarter in Singapore

Daniel Sennheiser at Inauguration
Daniel Sennheiser at opening of Sennheiser's regional headquarter in Singapore

Sennheiser has established a new regional headquarter in Singapore. With the move, the manufacturer is aiming to the better serve its partners and its clients as well as implement “activity based working” to improve its performance. The office occupies 11,000 square feet of Infinite Studio in Singapore.

Daniel Sennheiser, present at the inauguration for the space, in an exclusive chat with InAVate APAC said: “Sennheiser has been in Singapore for 25 years. We have now beginning to see the ‘second generation’ of employees so to speaker. They do things different and to match that this office also does things differently while still retaining the underlying principles of Sennheiser, which is to be as close to our client as possible.”

He continued: “Sennheiser has always been present in the Asia Pacific region and especially Southeast Asia with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries. This headquarter will help us increase and amplify the direct contact that we have with our partners and our clients. We hope to provide direct support to everyone. That includes our partners and the people that we have on the ground ourselves.”

The new office in Singapore aims to bring all of Sennheiser’s business interests under one roof. The professional and consumer product ranges will both be housed at the Singapore headquarters. In addition the office will also handle customer support and service.

Furthermore, the space features Sennheiser microphones installed for applications such as meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Sennheiser aims to use these to demonstrate to clients and partners how its products and solutions can help them overcome issues and problems they face in their own spaces. Local integrator, EAS, helped Sennheiser with the integration and deployment of the AV systems which include displays and Crestron video systems.

Sennheiser said: “More and more we find that end users are our best sales people. Microsoft is using our microphones and are kind enough to allow us to use their spaces to demonstrate the capabilities of our products. We find that a visit to Microsoft is an extremely effective way to show our solutions in action. I hope that the meeting rooms in our Singapore headquarters can serve a similar purpose.”

Sennheiser believes that the headquarter’s role as a central touch point for clients can have an impact on sales. He narrated: “Before Singapore, we established a similar headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. That led to a 300% increase in sales simply because we had a direct touch point with our clients. We had a space where we could show them the range of products and solutions we offer. That is proof of concept that this approach that we are taking works.”