Shure Audio Institute offering Integrated Systems Certification program

As part of Shure’s commitment to educating the market, Shure Audio Institute has developed the Integrated Systems Certification Program. The free program is open to anyone looking to gain sales and technical knowledge as well as expertise in Shure products and solutions.

The Integrated Systems Certification Program includes two levels. The first level focusses on sales enablement and includes courses such as Audio Basics for Meetings and Conferences, Wireless Basics, Integrated Systems Portfolio Overview, Selecting the Right Integrated System for the Right Application, Networking for AV Professionals Part 1, and Best Practices for Interacting with IT Professionals.

The second level covers the technical side of Shure product training and understanding. Classes include a Shure Wireless Master Course: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques, Networking for AV Professionals Part 2, Conference Room Design Basics, and Dante Level 1 and 2 Certification (administered by Audinate).

Classes can be taken virtually or at in-person seminars. Level 1 and Level 2 are considered two separate certifications. However, those who wish to get Level 2 certification must successfully complete Level 1 first.

The Integrated Systems Certification Program can be accessed here.