Taiwanese government selects BXB conference system

Bxb Taiwan Install

The Department of Civil Servant Development (DSCD), Taipei City Government is located in Wenshan District and adjacent to Wanfang Community. The DSCD is responsible for all off-the-job training of city government employees and for this purpose it requires AV systems.

The BXB FCS-6300 conference system was selected by the DSCD for its space. The FCS-6300 is a full-function system that applies TCP/IP protocol control. Via wired/wireless connection, it supports discussion, voting, interpreting, and other meeting requirements.The system also supports control via iOS, Microsoft or web browsers.

You can also use the smartphone/tablet with iOS, Microsoft, or web browser mode to manage and control the meeting. The mobile control eases the setting as well as decreases the labor cost of maintenance. Moreover, the system applies Cat-5e cables and can be installed with ring-connection. As any one of conference microphone is out of order, you can just remove it without affecting other microphones’ operation.