Bosch announces access management system 2.0

Bosch has unveiled its access management system 2.0 for medium to large sized companies, offered in three pre-configured software bundles for organisations of differing sizes.

The access management system 2.0 is available in the Lite version (maximum of 144 doors and 200,000 cards), Plus (maximum of 512 doors and 200,000 cards) and Professional (maximum of 10,000 doors and 200,000 cards). 

Existing floor maps can be imported into the system, with icons dragged and dropped on to the map to represent controllers, doors and building objects. 

Enrolment and assignment of access profiles are implemented in one dialogue manager, with the graphical user interface featuring a dark colour scheme to reduce eye-strain and fatigue. 

The colours of the access management system GUI are also aligned with the colours of the Bosch video management systems GUI. 

The system can be expanded to 10,000 doors and 200,000 cardholders without replacing hardware. Users will only require software upgrades when expanding, with the software being regularly updated with data security enhancements. 

Bosch’s master access controller (MAC) is included as a security feature between the server and access controllers, with the MAC taking over in the event of a server failure in the access management system 2.0, allowing the controllers to communicate with each other and share information from the card readers to allow functionalities to still be performed. 

Anti-passback functionality is featured, which prevents a card holder passing a card to another person to enable unauthorized entry, with guard tour safety functionality being offered to security guards which allows access readers to be used as checkpoints along a defined route to be passed in a defined period of time. Deviation from the sequence or timing will trigger an alarm in the access management system, with colleagues or first responders able to be notified instantly. 

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