Nureva debuts new software and integration options at ISE 2019

Nureva announced an array of new software and integration options: active zone control, Intel Unite integration and new features for Span Workspace.

Nureva announced the addition of active zone control to the Microphone Mist platform, giving users the ability to designate a zone within a room to be optimised for audio pickup.

The system reduces pickup outside the active zone by disabling virtual microphones in the designated area of space.

Users can speak and move freely within an active zone without the need for a lapel mic or ceiling mounted product.

Active zone control can be used to designate an audio pickup in an open office environment and can be turned on and off using the HDL300 system remote.

Nureva also unveiled its V4 plug in for the HDL 300 system, allowing Intel Unite users to use the system controls of the HDL 300.

Nureva added new features to its cloud-based product, Span Workspace.

Users can import and interact with multipage PDF documents in a Span canvas, with the ability to share Span canvases with people inside and outside of an organisation with a guest user feature.

New functionality allows users to control the size of text, add more characters and ink over text in note features.

The personal tray on the Span app has also been redesigned to provide more vertical canvas space for content.

Span Workspace is also now compatible with Jira Software, a platform for managing software development. The integration allows users to create notes in a Span canvas and send them to Jira as stories, bugs and epics.

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