QSC introduces software-based Dante for Q-Sys ecosystem


QSC, co-developing with Audinate, has developed scalable software licenses to provide native Dante integration for the Q-Sys platform without additional hardware, to be released in early 2020.

QSC announced the Software-based Dante support for the Q-Sys ecosystem as part of its strategic technology partnership with Audinate, allowing the Q-Sys system to enable native Dante networked audio integration without hardware I/O or external configuration software.

Dante audio can be natively integrated as an extension of the Q-Sys integrated audio, video and control workflow, allowing users to access device discovery, synchronisation, control and management for Dante within the Q-SYS designer software environment or within an external instance of Dante Controller.

Q-SYS operates over standard IT network infrastructure, allowing Dante audio data to work with Q-Sys AV&C data without the need for bridging or combining schemes to manage both Q-SYS and Dante connected peripherals.

Following the release of software-based Dante feature licenses, new Q-Sys Core processors will ship with a set of Dante audio channels enabled, with tiered feature licenses to be available to enable Q-Sys users to scale Dante integration capabilities based on specific installation needs and Q-Sys Core processor capabilities.