RGBlink Flex 8 offers modular mixed signal matrix solution

FLEX 8_Product Picture_Stack View(big buttons)_EN_V1.0_20190417

The RGBlink Flex 8 is now available and offering a modular mixed signal matrix solution which can be fitted with up to eight inputs and eight outputs.

Flex 8 allows for a range of native connections avoiding the need for additional convertors, reducing potential points of failure, and reducing rack space requirements.

Signals of all types can be cross converted to any output with seamless switching between switched sources, and onboard features include the ability to store and recall presets.

For matrix operations, Flex 8 can be fitted with a front panel featuring illuminated keys and LCD display, however Flex system provides for so much more. A video splicing mode – with the installation of a splicing output module in place of the matrix module – transforms Flex into a videowall controller.

Not only mixed signal, Flex 8 may also be mixed modes, with output slots used for either matrix or splicing applications – another innovative approach allow signals to be connected just once.

In addition to above mentioned features, Flex 8 is also easily controllable remotely from RGBlink Xpose software platform and integrated with third party controls via RGBlink OpenAPI.

Flex 8 is available now from RGBlink and authorised distributors worldwide.