SDVoE Alliance and IDK announce product incorporating Dante

IDK NJR-AB08DAN unit front view

The SDVoE Alliance and IDK Corporation have announced a class of product that links Dante audio networking technology with the SDVoE ecosystem.

IDK’s IP-NINJAR/Dante Audio Bridge transcodes audio signals directly between the SDVoE and Dante protocol environments. Audio signal transport is enabled from NJR transmitters to Dante devices and from Dante device to NJR receivers. The bridge eliminates third party converters and processors which enhances system design flexibility while streamlining architecture, eliminating interoperability guesswork and optimising reliability.

Each NJR-AB08DAN can receive up to four audio streams from IP-NINJAR transmitters outputting up to eight channels in Dante protocol. Additionally, each bridge can accept up to 8-channel audio from Dante sources, outputting IP-NINJAR (SDVoE) protocol in up to four audio streams. This feature enables Dante audio embedding on HDMI signals and de-embedding through analogue audio outputs at IP-NINJAR receivers.