VR spherical display

Spherical display for virtual collaboration and conferencing...

A spherical display that shows 3D images from two viewpoints has been developed by researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and University of Saskatchewan.

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SiliconCore Technology enables 4K 3D experience for Fujita

One of Japan’s biggest construction companies, Fujita, has unveiled a 4K 3D LED wall at Fujita’s technology centre to showcase new projects to clients with computer generated 3D images. With the use of 3D active glasses clients can visualise, in three dimension, their projects on the 220-in SiliconCore fine pixel pitch display, providing a one of a kind experience for its customers.

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Ice cold reliability from Daktronics’ LED panels

Patrick Halliwell talks with Paul Milligan about the latest products at Daktronics, the rigorous testing process used on them and continued opportunities these provide in both indoor and outdoor markets.

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