University of berkely light emitting sensor

Tiny light emitting device could be used in invisible...

Invisible displays could be integrated into walls and windows with ease in the future after engineers at the University of California Berkeley successfully demonstrated a bright-light emitting device that is millimeters wide and fully transparent when turned off.

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Heads up display in carEDITOR'S CHOICE

Holography harnessed to improve heads-up displays

Researchers at the University of Arizona have used holographic optical elements to create heads-up displays that deliver information even when viewers move around or aren’t positioned in an expected field of view.

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Sony introduces touchscreen overlays for Bravia pro displays

Sony has introduced a family of touchscreen overlays for its Bravia pro displays. The overlays transform Bravia screens into large touch displays, suitable for a range of interactive environments from boardrooms, lobbies and classrooms to shops and museums.

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