Couple in an immersive holographic jungle

‘Star Trek Holodeck a reality’: Partnership promises...

Despite VR technology rapidly increasing in capability and adoption, it’s still not enough for those seeking shared experiences and freedom from glasses and goggles. That demand has seen entrants to the market touting “holographic display” capabilities but most options have failed to make serious inroads and enjoy commercial success.

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Blacktrax Audi China Image

BlackTrax used to unveil Audi model to China

Audi employed the BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system at an event which introduced the car manufacturer’s A8L luxury saloon to the Chinese market.

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b1046br - Mimo Vue with BrightSign Built in Open Frame_image 1

BrightSign and Mimo Monitors launch 10.1-in touch displays

BrightSign is working with Mimo Monitors to bring out a line of BrightSign-enabled displays, beginning with the 10.1-in open frame capacitive touch display.

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