Expanding creative canvases for live events with next-gen image processing from Barco

The world of live events is ever-evolving, with technology continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, we explore the latest trends in live event technology and spotlight Barco’s newest image processing powerhouse, the Encore3. As the demand for captivating, seamless, and large-scale audiovisual experiences grows, the Encore3 stands ready to transform how live events are executed.

#TRENDING: the future of live events

Immersive technology has become a cornerstone of live events, transforming them into captivating experiences that engage audiences on multiple sensory levels. Whether you’re at a corporate summit or the latest rock concert, audiences expect to be fully enveloped in the event, through stunning visuals, intricate soundscapes, or interactive elements.

In addition, there’s no denying the remaining impact of the latest global pandemic. Not only accelerating the rise of hybrid and virtual events, but also in the way it shaped the need for a flexible workforce and operational efficiency. This will continue to grow in importance in the future with event organisers increasingly seeking to streamline setup and operations.

The holy trinity for event technology

These trends drive the continuous development of advanced projection and image processing technologies. The industry’s needs can be summarized in three key words, the holy trinity for event technology:

Quality - As audiences become accustomed to high-definition content in their daily lives, the expectation for live events to deliver stunning visuals has surged. And the integration of visual content must be flawless to maintain the immersive quality of an event.
Flexibility - The ability to quickly configure and adapt technology on the fly is crucial, as is the need for systems that can accommodate diverse event requirements with minimal hassle.
Reliability - Live events demand equipment that can perform consistently under pressure. Reliability and durability are non-negotiable, as technical failures can have significant repercussions.


Backed by 20 years of research and development experience, Barco’s Event Master portfolio and, in specific, its newest addition, the Encore3, embodies these trends, offering unmatched versatility and performance for live events.

The Barco presentation switcher supports a boundless canvas of up to 8x 4K60 PVW/PGM outputs, each with a mixing background layer, at 12 bits 4:4:4 processing and no less than 16 fully capable 4K60 layers per screen.?You can expand your creative canvas beyond conventional boundaries, providing the flexibility to tailor visual setups to specific event requirements.

In addition, the Encore3 streamlines setup and show control with its intuitive interface, assisted workflows, and customizable preset configurations, reducing manual actions and pre-configuration time. This enables AV teams to focus on perfecting the event rather than grappling with technical issues.

Built to withstand the rigors of continuous use, the Encore3 features robust construction and meticulous engineering. Its forward-looking design, combined with a flexible slot-based architecture and modular cards, ensures that the system can evolve alongside the rapidly changing AV technology landscape. In short, the Encore3 is?better?–?faster?–?stronger?to expand the experience of you and your customers.

For almost 20 years, live event professionals and operators have been calling on the Barco Event Master systems as the preferred choice for shows of all sizes worldwide. Last year, the E2 even showed a record-high sales,” says Robbie Bruce, Director Product Management Image Processing at Barco. “With this new addition, we’re determined to continue leading the way for our customers for many years to come with a future-proof suite of image processing solutions."


The future of live events lies in the ability to create immersive, high-quality experiences that captivate audiences. Barco's Encore3 is at the forefront of this revolution, offering AV professionals the tools they need to ensure that an event is not just seen, but remembered. With its exceptional image quality, versatility, and ease of use, Encore3 is set to redefine what’s possible in live event production.

If you’re interested in an Encore3 demo and product deep-dive presentation, tune in for the Barco webinar recording available on the?BarcoTV YouTube channel.

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