Enabling interactivity with displays

The need to effectively communicate has always been vital. Hurrairah bin Sohail examines displays for presentation and how these solutions can help get everyone to collaborate.

In recent times, projectors have faced stiff competition from interactive whiteboards and display panels. In the face of new entrants to markets traditional dominated by projection solutions, projectors manufacturers have increased the capabilities of their offerings to maintain their ascendancy.

In Asia Pacific, projectors are still holding strong. Siew Jin Kiat, regional general manager of printer and visual products division at Epson, says: “Demand for interactive projectors is a growing market in Asia Pacific, with 27% growth in FY2014 versus the last FY (based on Futuresource data). A projector is no longer just a display device, but instead it is now seen as a classroom or meeting facilitator.”

Shunichi Watanabe, managing director at Casio Singapore Pte Ltd, offers his opinion: “We are witnessing steady growth in demand for presentation and collaboration solutions largely contributed by the education industry throughout the APAC region.”

Jin Kiat also specifies the education sector as an area where demand for projectors to be used in presentation and collaboration applications is strong but also sees growth in other sectors. He says: “Presentation and collaboration solutions were almost exclusively used in the education sector in the past, but the corporate market has started to adopt this projection solutions and it is expected to grow in APAC. With Epson’s multi location interactive and whiteboard sharing features, a multinational company is now able to present and collaborate with their overseas offices effortlessly to shorten their decision making time.”

Watanabe credits mature markets as driving demand for projectors: “Based on our observation within the APAC market, the education sector comes up top among all sectors, with the largest demand for presentation and collaboration solutions. This is more applicable to more developed markets such as Singapore and Malaysia.”

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