Smaller world, bigger possibilities

Enterprises these days are becoming more reliant on technology and are turning towards digital innovation to ensure that they are able to meet the growing demand of employees. Especially with the changing workforce and rise of new technologies which empower digital natives, it is imperative that organisations digitalise their workplaces. By integrating technology with scalable network AV and cloud-based provisioning and management solutions such as Crestron NVX and XiO Cloud, enterprises will be able to create a conducive environment for their employees to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Especially when space is becoming a rarity, meeting spaces have to be more versatile and provide users the ability to do more than simply using the room as a space to meet. Technology is not just transforming the way people work, communicate and collaborate with one another, it is also revolutionizing the concept of a workplace by creating meeting spaces instead of a fixed physical location. Users are also able to collaborate with others from another location without having to be in the same room, thanks to technology empowering rooms to become mobile meeting spaces.

Less struggling, more striving

Gone are the days when we had to go through a tedious process of booking a meeting room or manually setting up a room for a meeting. Now, with integrated systems such as Crestron XiO Cloud, users are able to deploy devices easily and manage them remotely from a touchpanel, avoiding the frustration and time wasted on trying to set it up manually. This helps in boosting productivity allowing employees to do more, adopt new processes and become more efficient.

Even more unique is Crestron IoT enabled automation and control solutions that enable facility management and IT staff to control entire environments with a push of a button or click of a mouse, integrating audio, video, digital signage, scheduling, lighting, building management systems (BMS), HVAC and security systems.

More hands on deck, collaboration made simple

With the inclusion of such devices, enterprises are not only able to work more efficiently, they are also able to collaborate more frequently and easily without having to be in one location at the same time. As communication happens more often than before, it contributes immensely to the overall progression of the company, allowing employees to take the business growth to a new level. It also helps to lower costs for enterprises while improving their scalability. With unified communications solutions, there is additional security, as it allows all calls to be made through an encrypted internet connection, ensuring and protecting sensitive information from leaking out.

For many enterprises, migrating IoT application specific data into the Cloud offers great convenience, such as reduction of cost and complexity related to direct hardware management. By investing in integrated solutions like Crestron NVX and XiO Cloud, enterprises can cut down their cost and also create a favourable workplace, which will help them retain the best talents in the industry. Therefore, it is essential for companies to review their digital systems and incorporate better digital solutions for their employees and the future of their business. Businesses can surely benefit from the virtually unlimited capabilities and resources of these solutions to compensate its technological constraints.

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