Cabling for modern AV


Attention to even the slightest detail is a hallmark of professionalism. In this white paper, Crestron examines how choosing the right cabling for signal transport can help AV professionals avoid headaches and troubles further down the line.

Today’s digital AV distribution systems feature cutting edge hardware to route and manage complex high-speed signals. Tremendous consideration is given to the competitive advantages of switchers and their handling of video, audio, and protocols like HDCP and EDID, and rightly so. However, what often gets overlooked is the conduit through which those signals are transported: the cables.

Thanks to sophisticated electronics, and especially the HDBaseT standard, selecting a cable that works is easy. However, selecting the right cable can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. The right cable will perform with bulletproof reliability, in changing environmental circumstances, and offer a path for future upgradability.