Using a ‘DMZ’ for secure collaboration

In a connected world where information is transmitted over IP networks, security becomes a key concern. Lars Duziack from Kramer talks about how a secure ‘DMZ’ can be setup with the network while using VIA for collaboration to provide additional layers of security and removal for your network.

DMZ is an abbreviation for ‘Demilitarized Zone.’ In a world of ever-increasing and sophisticated security threats and hacks, a DMZ will be an essential part of your network to help you guard against unauthorized access. It is positioned specifically between your internal and guest IP networks to allow safe and simultaneous communication and collaboration between those networks.

The DMZ you’ll read about in this paper securely isolates any Kramer VIA product – Collage, Campus, or Connect PRO - that can be accessed from any and all other devices on your internal and external (guest) networks. This additional layer of security ensures that users of an external network cannot directly address and access an internal network in a “back door” manner through any VIA product.