Maxhub and ScreenBeam announce partnership

Maxhub has announced a partnership with ScreenBeam, to combine ScreenBeam 1100 Plus, a wireless screen sharing and conferencing system, with Maxhub's cameras.

The alliance enables organisations to access video conferencing and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) experiences in any workspace.

The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus wireless presentation platform offers agnostic support for all major video conferencing services. Its ScreenBeam Conference software also supports hybrid work environments and delivers app-free wireless presentations from any device. Users tap once to wirelessly present and annotate content on room displays from their own device. The software is included free with every receiver and wirelessly connects user devices to USB devices in the room to support BYOM web conferencing needs.

Maxhub cameras tested for compatibility with ScreenBeam include the UC S10 All-in-One Unified Communication Bar, UC P10 PTZ Camera, UC M31 Panoramic Camera, and UC S05 All-in-One Video Bar. Additional announcements on camera support and future engineering integration will be made as they become available.

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