Adamson completes management revamp

Canadian speaker manufacturer Adamson has completed a strategic management refresh with several new appointments and the return of Brock Adamson as CEO.

Left to right - Fred Schleicher , Pieter van Hoogdalem, Duane Logan, Paulo Guassi 

Five new positions were created in preparation for Brock Adamson’s return as CEO.

“I’ve lived and breathed Adamson from the very early days, to our most recent factory expansion in Port Perry, even as I brought in Marc Bertrand to focus on strengthening our sales infrastructure. Returning as CEO is energizing and exciting. In 2022, we asked ourselves, ‘what is the ideal management team to fuel our continued growth?’ We’ve created that team. When I walk into the office now, I find myself working with a breadth of leadership talent that can execute our mission daily,” says Brock Adamson.

In the first quarter of 2023, Pieter van Hoogdalem accepted the new business development strategist position, focusing on alignment between sales, marketing and product. Hoogdalem adds a blend of hands-on audio industry knowledge and market growth experience with Landr Audio and Proshop Entertainment. Marketing consultant, Kevin Alexander has also joined the team. His previous experience with TC Group and numerous audio brands allows Adamson to launch strategic marketing initiatives to support its sales network and ambitious product introduction plans. Finally, Paulo Guassi takes on a new production management role bringing extensive experience, including his tenure with Philips spin-off, Signify.

These additions were made following the addition of Fred Schleicher as controller and Duane Logan as ERP specialist in 2022. Schleicher and Logan bring enterprise operations experience from the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

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