Back with a bang

Integrate is set to be staged in Sydney from August 17th to 19th, 2022, marking the return of B2B events in Australia. Soren Norgaard provides details on what visitors can expect.

The landscape of technology is changing and according to Soren Norgaard, commercial manager at Diversified Communications Australia, this necessitates the evolution of exhibitions and conferences.

He says: “When it comes to technology, we are moving forward at an amazing speed and that is really what the tagline ‘Real World Innovation’ is trying to encapsulate. If we look at just the world of AV we are in a period of refinement, pixel pitches are decreasing, processing power is increasing and so on. But if you look at the broader technology picture we have machine learning, AI, blockchain and so much more that are really shifting the paradigm and it is only a matter of time before these converge with AV, just like IT did. We’re looking to start exploring these possibilities within the context of AV at Integrate.”

To broaden horizons, Integrate 2022 will be co-located and staged together with Security Exhibition & Conference. Norgaard elaborates: “The decision to co-locate with Security Exhibition & Conference further feeds into this drive to explore new possibilities. There is a lot of natural crossover between security and AV and there are multiple manufacturers and distributors that serve both sides. Having Integrate and Security Exhibition & Conference concurrently obviously serves them as they’ve got one platform to come to for their business now. But it also allows us to introduce security and AV to a greater audience who might be looking to explore one or the other as a growth opportunity. It really is the ‘real world innovation’ tagline being put into action.”

Integrate will be staged at the ICC Sydney from August 17th to 19th, 2022, marking a return to physical events. Norgaard says: “We’ve learned a lot over the past years and what we found out was that while we carried on with virtual and digital efforts, nothing could fully substitute the in-person gathering and face-to-face interaction. Everyone we are speaking to is really looking forward to getting back together in-person and meeting their peers at Integrate. We’ve seen that the industry is really looking for in-person events to return and the response to ISE 2022 shows that we are on the right track. So, we are really looking to make sure that Integrate 2022 lives up to the expectations of the Australian AV industry.”

The learnings Norgaard references will be evident at Integrate and he states: “We conducted talks and sessions online in a virtual capacity and that really helped us understand the trends and topics of discussion and that helped us really beef up the Integrate + AVIXA Speaker Sessions. These will be held on the main stage at the show floor, and we have an excellent program that will be addressing many of the challenges our industry is facing and how we can move forward. And of course, the fact that these sessions will now be in-person will add a new dimension to the discussions.”

Norgaard concludes: “Integrate 2022 is really the first step on the way back for B2B events in Australia. We are quietly optimistic for a really good turnout and to stage an Integrate that really provides value to all our partners and all the attendees.”

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