Black Nova announces integration for better control and automation experience

Black Nova announced their partnership and integration with RTI Control.

The streamlined integration between Black Nova’s keypad collections and RTI Control’s control system offers multiple benefits to customers. This includes the ability to personalise and customise their smart systems to tailor to the preferences and requirements of each control experience.

The integration also facilitates enhanced automation features, and the control system is entirely scalable to accommodate to the evolving needs of the end user.

Olav Beruto, chief executive officer at Black Nova, remarked: “This collaboration allows us to offer the final user the best of both worlds. Together, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations and revolutionising the way people interact with their spaces."

Neal Ellsworth, director of product management at RTI, elaborated: “For luxury residential, hotel, and commercial installations where the sophisticated design of the Black Nova keypad is an obvious benefit, they can still enjoy the intuitive and fully customised experience that the RTI system delivers.”

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