Broadcast Professional celebrates 40th anniversary

Broadcast Professional celebrated its 40th anniversary. The company started life in Singapore in 1983 as Studer Singapore subsidiary of Studer AG, a Swiss company, serving the growing needs of the broadcast and recording industries.

In 1994, its expanded leading and renamed itself as Studer S.E. Asia, as it ventured into markets beyond the shores of Singapore. In 1995, the chairman Ronald Goh, undertook the acquisition of the company, Studer S.E. Asia.

Under Goh's guidance the company experience growth and rebranded as Broadcast Professional in 2005. Since then, Broadcast Professional has widened its services to include broadcast and streaming services, as well as the creation of immersive experiences, with a unique combination of people, services and technology.

Joseph Ho, director, Broadcast Professional, shared: “At the heart of BP's success lies its commitment to helping our clients transform their visions into reality. With our team of experts deeply entrenched in the latest trends and technologies, we have consistently delivered excellent results for our customers.”

Gary Goh, group CEO, Broadcast Professional, said: “As we celebrate this momentous occasion, Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd remains steadfast in our mission to captivate audiences through unique experiences. With a rich legacy of achievements behind us, we look forward to an even more promising future, continuing to set new standards for this ever-evolving industry.”

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