Crestron ships USB mic mixer

Crestron is shipping its MMX-6-USB USB Microphone Mixer that connects up to six dynamic or condenser microphones to a Crestron RL 2 system, CaptureLiveHD system or other audio systems.

The control system manufacturer is targeting presentation and videoconference applications with the product. 

Output bus routing can be individually assigned per input channel. Additionally inputs can be assigned to either or both channels of the mixer’s stereo output. Input and output indicators provide indication of signal presence and clipping.

The MMX-6-USB provides balanced inputs for up to six individual dynamic or condenser stereo table mics, and balanced USB and analogue line-level outputs for connection to powered speakers and amplifiers. The USB output can be used for direct connection to any PC-based audio system to record speech. Each output contains the same audio signal and may be used simultaneously. 

With individually selectable phantom power on each of its six inputs, the MMX-6-USB is compatible with commonly used professional conferencing mics, including high quality condenser mics, which require power. 

The unit can be deployed freestanding, stacked, racked, or surface mounted or it can be snapped onto a standard DIN rail. An optional rack mount kit is also available. 

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