E Ink develops flexible colour ePaper based display

E Ink and Plastic Logic have partnered to develop a flexible colour ePaper based display for wearables and other applications.

E Ink’s ACeP technology will be combined with Plastic Logic’s organic thin film transistor (Otft) displays, with the ACeP’s colour reflective electronic paper capable of producing full colour at every pixel without using a colour filter array (CFA). 

While E Ink’s technology has previously been used in signage applications, this development marks the first time that the technology has been used in a flexible form factor, allowing for expansion into applications that require thinner and lighter weight displays. 

Johnson Lee, CEO, E Ink, commented: “E Ink is excited to partner with Plastic Logic to offer the world’s first flexible colour display technology to customers. 

“Plastic Logic’s advanced oTFT displays are more robust than traditional amorphous silicon transistors on plastic substrate, which are more suitable for wearable applications.” 

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