GPA announces 2018 Global Vendor Excellence Award recipients

The Global Presence Alliance (GPA) has announced the recipients of its 2018 Global Vendor Excellence Awards. The awards are presented to audio, video and UC manufacturers through a formal member voting process evaluating more than 40 technology companies.

Results are based upon evaluations of programs, support, solutions and capacity to provide these consistently as a part of a global enterprise program for the GPA and its customers.

For 2018, the following vendors are recipients of the GPA Global Excellence awards:


Byron Tarry, GPA executive director, said: "Presentation of our Global Excellence Awards is an annual tradition for us at InfoComm. We clearly recognise we cannot deliver upon our promise of global consistency without vendor partners equally focused on fulfilling this commitment. Being the world's largest AV alliance, and an organisation purpose-built for global deployment, this gives us unparalleled insight into all of our technology partners’ capabilities on a global scale. These awards recognise the best of the best in the market based on feedback from thousands of professionals worldwide."

John Bailey, vice president of technology at Whitlock, and GPA’s 2018 board rresident said: “Aside from being a valuable resource to our members regarding which partners they should align with to architect effective global collaboration deployment and support programs, it is our hope that these awards will also encourage all supplier-partners to strive for more mature and enhanced capabilities in supporting global customers. Customer demand is at an unprecedented level in the enterprise market, as collaboration technology integrated into a broader Modern Workplace strategy has become a critical C-Level priority across the globe.”

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