Hexogon Solution deploys Christie projectors for Singapore’s 51st National Day celebrations

Hexogoon Solution deployed a total of 66 Christie Boxer 4K30 3DLP projectors at the National Stadium to stage and to execute projection mapping performances for Singapore’s 51st National Day celebrations.

The projectors were installed around the 4th level of the stadium and also marked the debut of Christie Boxer 4K30s at the National Stadium since the completion of this state-of-the-art sports facility in 2014.

A feature of the performance was projection mapping onto moving objects. Adrian Goh, group managing director of Hexogon Solution, said: “This is the first real-time tracking projection mapping on 3D objects at the NDP. Forty tracking cameras around the entire stadium and 260 tracking beacons were installed onto the boulder and the 3D Sky City, to enable the system to accurately track and map the visuals provided by the committee onto all surface of the structures as the objects move.”

According to Goh, the challenges faced by his team were the very short time allotted for calibration and alignment, as well as unpredictable on-site conditions. He said: “We had to map on empty space without the actual objects in the initial stage; and only less than a week for actual mapping onto the complex structures after they were installed. In addition, we had to deal with the random movements of the fabric structure due to wind conditions, whilst executing and rendering the content in real-time on uneven deformed surfaces.”

Hexogon Solution has been involved with previous NDP [National Day Parade] celebrations and also set a world record at last year’s South East Asian games for greatest light output in a projected image. It drew on its experience to successfully overcame the challenges to deliver another outstanding show for the nation’s birthday.

Commenting on the event Han Kim, general manager of Christie Singapore, said: “The projection mapping performance planned and executed by Hexogon Solution has always been a major highlight of Singapore’s NDP. This year, Adrian and his team had gone one step further by incorporating projection mapping with real-time tracking technology using our award-winning Boxer 4K30 projectors, and the results were astounding.”

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