Martin Audio appoints Luke Ireland as managing director

Martin audio has announced the appointment of Luke Ireland as managing director effective immediately. His remit will be to lead Martin Audio and ensure its continued success by developing business structure and scalable process capabilities.

Luke Ireland has had a 24 year carrier spanning across multiple sectors of technology, IT and media making him well versed in product development, sales and marketing. Regarding his new appointment he says: “Excited would be an understatement. Martin Audio has enjoyed a period of great success and witnessing first hand at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, they have tremendously exciting products that make a real difference to this industry. Having the opportunity to join such a business and lead it to achieve its true potential is very motivating.”

Summing up Ireland’s appointment, Mark Graham, CEO of Loud Technologies, says: “I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Luke Ireland to the Position of Managing Director, Martin Audio. Luke brings a compelling package of experience and dynamic leadership that will contribute powerfully to Martin Audio’s continued success and make it an ever more reliable business partner."

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