Multi-function venue in New Zealand chooses Allen & Heath mixer

Allen & Heath’s QU-SB ultra-compact intelligent mixer has been installed in the multi-purpose Returned Service Association (RSA) venue in Napier, New Zealand.

The venue, founded to provide a variety of sporting and social activities for army veterans and their families, was in need of an audio refurbishment and a more sophisticated zone controller to manage five zones.

Kieran McKinlay from installer Dusk2Dawn, said: “There are five designated zones in the venue: Main Lounge, TAB restaurant, Library, Smokers Deck, and Casino. There are a wealth of events going on, often simultaneously. For example, on a Wednesday they have a trivia night and want a laptop and microphone in the main lounge, radio on the deck and casino, and muted zones in the TAB and library.”

McKinlay stereo-paired and linked all of the venue’s audio inputs, which consisted of a Bluetooth audio interface, a rack mounted AM/FM tuner, SKY Sport, a laptop interface, and a UHF Radio. All of these channels were processed and setup within the Qu-Pad App. As the venue runs a few different settings within the zones, some presets were saved as scenes and recalled by patching them as soft keys.

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